Kamilah is a stupid JERK!

It’s 1:32a 1:50 and before I got completely sidetracked I was judging my friend Kamilah for being a COMPLETE waste of talent. She used to blog and I loved it. Then she stopped. And I was sad. So I suggested she blog again over the years to no avail. And then she hits me up, I think on Gchat and says she wants to start blogging again and I am stoked! So being the good friend of mine that she is and I being the fan of her I am I decided to build her website so that she could provide the world with a place to read her quirky greatness. I told her to start writing whilst I cooked on things on the back end of the site. About two weeks go by and I ask her had she been writing. You know what she said?


Daily Challenge: Pray

I’ve heard that if you can count how many times you pray in a day then you don’t pray enough. So today’s challenge is to pour your heart out to God. Talk to him intimately. Tell him things that you don’t normally say. Treat him like your best friend.

We often text all day and make phone calls all day. There is no effort required to talk with God. Prove it…

Daily Challenge: Figure Out What You Love To Do

What do you love to do? You don’t know?! That is because you are a complete loser and you need to get your life together. Totally kidding. I don’t know what it is that I love to do and that is why I am challenging myself.

Seriously…What do you love to do? NOPE! That’s not it, you just like that. How do I know you just like it? I’ll explain. If you love it you would give up everything you have for it and do it for absolutely free. Example: I THINK I love photography. Would I stay in a shelter and take pictures until someone noticed I was great at it and paid me a hefty salary? I dunno. If you answered the same about your love then you are in the same boat; you don’t KNOW that you love it. Why?

If you loved something that much it wouldn’t matter if it gave you the comforts that physical luxuries offer. Now am I saying you should only do things you are willing to live on the streets for? No. What I am saying is, and I came up with this as I typed it, if I had to live on the streets as a photographer until someone who loves photography pulled my number I would. You know why? Because I love photography so much that I am KNOW it wouldn’t be that long BUT in the event that it was a long time guess what? I’d have pix no other photographer would have. It’s one thing to photograph the streets and it’s another to live in them. BUT it is an ENTIRELY different thing to live in them and photograph them.

I’ll check back with you later to tell you how I did…

Daily Challenge: Do NOT Complain

It is so easy to complain. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know you are a chronic complainer! Who likes a complainer?! Think about it, that person you work with or that family member who NEVER has ANYTHING good to say…Everyone hates them, except for fellow chronic complainers. If you have ever seen two or more of them together they have like an orgy (did you notice I made a funny with the proper use of that word?! I know you hate grammar nazi’s but not today!) of complaints.

Today is the day that you will not complain about ANYTHING. I don’t care how bad it gets do not complain. Barista messed up your mocha latte? Compliment how good her hair looks and kindly ask her if she can make it again. Guy behind you steps on the back of your shoe? Let him know it’s ok and you hope he has an amazing week.

What if you slip up and complain? That’s ok. Just offer up two things you are thankful for (verbally to someone who knows nothing about this exercise) or two compliments (verbally to someone who knows nothing about this exercise) or one and one of each. It’s up to you.

Dying to see how this day goes! :)


I am elated to say that I didn’t complain not once today. I had three models to cancel on me for a major shoot tomorrow within like 6 hours. Nope! Not one complaint! One adjusted their schedule and the other two just encountered life. I think that is what we fail to realize sometimes. Life happens. And instead of complaining we should embrace change. When we encounter and endure change it makes us more agile. Agility gives us the ability to make quick changes and be quick thinkers and effective during trials and tribulations.

Many large companies have failed because of their lack of agility. Could Borders have been the worlds largest ebook and digital media hub and organization? You bet your bottom dollar! But I can almost guarantee some intern suggested to his 10 year vetted boss the idea and the boss sat him down and told him “That’s not what we do here son…” And then when all hell broke loose and nobody was buying physical books anymore They were too large of an organization to make the needed adjustments as fast as they needed to make them and they lost. A mom and pop wants to add an item, they do it. Customer requests a new beer? They order a case. More people try the beer, like the beer, and mom and pop have just turned into Amazon.com.

When we don’t complain we embrace agility and we become leaner and faster and stronger! Tomorrow’s challenge is going to be a tough one. lol

The Daily Challenge: A Better Me

The other day I thought to myself “Self, you don’t do anything anymore. You don’t workout anymore, you are not a vegan anymore and there is no blueprint or structure in place to be a better person than you were the day before that. AND you don’t maintain a journal.” If you don’t have a plan you plan to fail. It’s pretty straightforward and dry. If you are just doing something (even living) and don’t have a plan in which you have a set, yet flexible, course of action (in whatever your endeavor) then one thing is for sure your chance of success almost doesn’t even exist.

So here we are. What’s next? In an effort to better myself daily I will be posting a daily challenge in which I exert myself to do something I hate doing, don’t like to do, am afraid to do, is going to cost me WAY more resources then I would ever want to spend, or just never thought about doing. That’s It! That’s all I got…

Join me if you like. I will post the daily challenge every day right here at 9am. At some point in the day I will come back to comment on how I fared with the day’s challenge. I do expect that some days I will fail but the goal, the PLAN is to be challenged as well as be better today than yesterday.

I Am…

Lemonhead Delight

I used 2 look at magazines 4 creative inspiration & now I refuse 2 taint my mind with the confines of commercial design. I’m an artist…I derive inspiration from the faces of the people on the Red Line, the clothing that they wear, the stench or the perfume that they bring, their stark contrasts in lifestyle and income brackets, some of them having no income at all. I close my eyes and I inhale; a good smell may turn into a red theme on a flyer, a painful reek may turn into a grungy twitter background. People ask where I gather inspiration I tell them from inside. Because I am everything around me at any given time…


I wrote that sentiment some years ago but I read it often to remind myself to always be me. To always spread my influence to everything and everyone I touch.

The above photograph is a great example of exactly that. Many people have given much feedback about that photo. “The cars take away from the vehicle.” or “If it were only the Lemonheads and no grass it would be more striking.”

Artist paint how they see things, many of them having abstract vision. I take photos how I see things, an abstract 3:2 ratio. I hope someone can appreciate my work for what it is some day. Not what it could be, because, it’s not.

Tangled Web Weaving


Here¬† is something you didn’t know about me. I used to be a poet. A pretty good one too. The text on the image above is a sample of my writing. Everyone asked why I stopped writing. The answer is I was just jaded. But that ain’t even what this blog is about.

I took a break from writing and just started reflecting on how complicated I made my life in a matter of about 5 short years. And if that wasn’t enough I went on to further complicate it in a mad rush to simplify it. Crazy right? I know…but I’m ok with that because those early life horrible decisions made me a much better decision maker today. A scholar and a gentleman of sorts. Comment if you want…

Starbucks VIP section…

Soooooo prior to divorce I used to spend A LOT of time at Starbucks. When I say A LOT EVERYONE that worked there knew me, when I took a lunch break I would pick up food for the employees too, and they ceased charging me for the things I consumed (the manager was ok with this as well). lol For anyone that doesn’t know I am a freelance graphic and web designer and working at home is one of the hardest things in the world to do. If you don’t believe me try it. But that’s not even what this blog is about. This blog is about my desire to open a Starbucks that is club-esque. How do you mean Straf, you ask?! I mean I’m putting a VIP section in that joker! In the VIP area you get table service and bottle service as well. That’s right we are going to keep ALL you beverages icy for you. Can you see it? I’m gonna have everyone sitting their paper cup in an ice chest. Nothing but the very best for my customers. But tables wont come cheap. Why? Because it’s VIP!

Where did you get this wonderful idea Straf? I got it from recently spending much time in Starbucks again. I hate when people come and sit close to me. But you don’t own the joint Straf! It is a public place after all. Who cares? I am a thug and thug’s need space. We get all shaky and nervous when people sit too close to us. You ever sit next to a thug? Try it…Outty 550 G!


Be Excited About Stuff!

This afternoon I am making duck breast for lunch. I am very very excited about it. How about you? What excites you?



I am actually going to try to maintain this site from this day forward. I don’t care if nobody ever reads it. so :P