Kamilah is a stupid JERK!

It’s 1:32a 1:50 and before I got completely sidetracked I was judging my friend Kamilah for being a COMPLETE waste of talent. She used to blog and I loved it. Then she stopped. And I was sad. So I suggested she blog again over the years to no avail. And then she hits me up, I think on Gchat and says she wants to start blogging again and I am stoked! So being the good friend of mine that she is and I being the fan of her I am I decided to build her website so that she could provide the world with a place to read her quirky greatness. I told her to start writing whilst I cooked on things on the back end of the site. About two weeks go by and I ask her had she been writing. You know what she said?

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Daily Challenge: Pray

I’ve heard that if you can count how many times you pray in a day then you don’t pray enough. So today’s challenge is to pour your heart out to God. Talk to him intimately. Tell him things that you don’t normally say. Treat him like your best friend. We often text all day and…

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Daily Challenge: Do NOT Complain

It is so easy to complain. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know you are a chronic complainer! Who likes a complainer?! Think about it, that person you work with or that family member who NEVER has ANYTHING good to say…Everyone hates them, except for fellow chronic complainers. If you have…

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Tangled Web Weaving

  Here  is something you didn’t know about me. I used to be a poet. A pretty good one too. The text on the image above is a sample of my writing. Everyone asked why I stopped writing. The answer is I was just jaded. But that ain’t even what this blog is about. I…

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Starbucks VIP section…

Soooooo prior to divorce I used to spend A LOT of time at Starbucks. When I say A LOT EVERYONE that worked there knew me, when I took a lunch break I would pick up food for the employees too, and they ceased charging me for the things I consumed (the manager was ok with…

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I am actually going to try to maintain this site from this day forward. I don’t care if nobody ever reads it. so 😛